First of all; we are very proud of our collaboration with Travel 2 Explore! We are happy to support the travelers with our safety products during their adventurous journey with Travel 2 Explore!

Pinlock® develops safety products that enable motorcycle riders to maximize their riding experience while keeping them safe. Whether you prefer riding on the race track, going on adventure touring rides or just cruising in the city. Pinlock® has got you covered. By supplying the Pinlock® system to the world’s most premium brands, Pinlock® is used by over millions of riders around the globe and world-wide recognized for it’s top performing fog-resistant insert lenses for over 20 years.

Pinlock® is always expanding it’s reach in the motorcycle safety market by introducing new and innovative safety products to provide riders for all riding conditions. For more information visit us at, or

We wish everyone who joins Travel 2 Explore on an adventurous journey a wonderful, safe and of course a fog-free experience!

The Pinlock® Team